What we offer

Travel to Romania and enhance your trip with Roamania-Internet Wireless Hotspot
so you can stay connected everywhere across the country

No Roaming Fees

Never concern about an expensive global data roaming bill

Up to 10 devices

Perfect for family or groups connect on internet up to 10 devices


The MiFi fits in your pocket and is powerful to access internet for several hours

Cost Effective

Save up to 95% over roaming rates plus you can use any device


The MiFi uses up to date security encryption, assuring that your data are safe


You have access to 24/7 Technical Support so you can contact us anytime

Ready to get started?

We will provide you the easiest way to have best internet connection anywhere in Romania at local prices and in the same time to avoid roaming charges.

What our client says

We take pride in delivering exceptional service to our clients. Here are some of the highlights of how our clients see us

As a tourism agency, we were very surprise to find out that we have such a internet provider here in Romania. We decided to have a partnership so that we can help the foreign tourists avoid the high roaming fees

Danube Romania / Travel Agency

We have a rent-a-car company and since we are in a partnership with Romania-Internet.com we can provide more type of services. We received a positive feedback for the tourists that they enjoy having internet in the car while travelling. The big advantage is that all the passengers can have internet only from one device.

LuxCar Romania / Rent-a-car Company

I had a one week business trip in Sibiu and my company I worked for decided to contact Romania-Internet for a device as it was the cheapest price. I must admit I was I little bit suspicious because I had a few important meetings and presentations to deliver for which the internet connection is essential, but everything went great.

James / Tourist